Case Studies

SONNEMAN—A Way of Light

At the “Lightovation” Show in January 2017, SONNEMAN introduced several stunning collections, led by the new, groundbreaking Suspenders Collection.  SONNEMAN tasked the BrandJump Team with managing this launch in the ecommerce channel, with the objective of maximizing its exposure online.

SONNEMAN and BrandJump partnered with YLighting granting a 60 day online exclusive of the Suspenders Collection.  As part of YLighting’s commitment, they drove a well-executed, multifaceted marketing campaign which included on site banners, email, blogs, social and print advertising.  

This Online Exclusive Launch accentuated the strong partnership between YLighting and SONNEMAN, not only creating awareness for the Suspenders Collection, but also drawing attention to the overarching SONNEMAN story and other award-winning collections within the SONNEMAN brand.

BrandJump’s collaboration with SONNEMAN and YLighting to devise a strategy around this launch resulted in an increase in brand awareness as well as a lift in volume for all parties setting the stage for the partnership in 2017.

Mitzi by hudson valley lighting

Hudson Valley Lighting debuted their new brand, “Mitzi by Hudson Valley Lighting”, in June 2017, at the “Lightovation” show.  Prior to launching online, BrandJump was tasked with devising a comprehensive ecommerce plan, including internet retail partner selection, branding options, and merchandising, pricing and promotional strategies.

Hudson Valley Lighting shared their objectives for the near term launch as well long term ambitions for the brand, as the vision varied from the Hudson Valley Lighting line.  Through BrandJump’s experience with similar introductions in other non-competing product categories as well as deep engagement with the key internet retailers suited to the Mitzi line, BrandJump amalgamated various resources to define a strategy that ultimately had an immediate impact.

Hudson did an incredible job at pulling this new introduction together expediently, which translated into an all hands on deck, collaborative approach from the BrandJump Team.  Our Merchandising Team worked intimately with Hudson’s data team to pull together all required attributes, our Creative Team wrote unique brand stories and collection copy for various internet retailers, and our Account Management Team initiated promotional strategies with the events teams of our ecommerce partners.

Mitzi went live with several retailers in the Fourth Quarter of 2017 and even before all initial inventory was warehoused, Mitzi had a monster first month online and exceeded everyone’s expectations for the balance of 2017.