BDI - Lorri Kelley

“We asked BrandJump to join our sales leadership team in October of 2016, with the directive of increasing our business in the eCommerce channel by 15% by year-end 2017. Additionally, we needed a thoughtful and methodical approach to managing how our brand was represented and sold online, and by whom. At the end of 2017, our business far exceeded our agreed upon goal. The largest contributing factor to that outstanding performance was the methodology and approach that they took with this important channel to ensure our success. The BrandJump team is professional, prepared and disciplined to ensuring that the representation of the brand online is exceptional, which is critically important in a channel that can be most difficult to control and manage. They are a very important part of our sales and marketing efforts online and we couldn’t be more pleased with their performance and commitment.”

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Calligaris - Arslan Mamedov

“Appointing BrandJump to represent Calligaris was an easy decision for me – their team had the expertise and knowledge of online retail that seamlessly complemented the efforts of our US team in growing business online. Since 2016 we have completely transformed our online presence in the US, choosing to work only with the best retailers and focusing on brand presentation, content development and revenue growth. The BrandJump team has been very supportive and adaptable to the needs of our company, recognizing certain complexities of working for a brand with a very strong brick and mortar heritage. Since our first engagement in 2016, BrandJump has been a great partner in the online retail space and their team is very personable and easy to work with. Looking ahead, both teams are working diligently in the development of cutting-edge projects that would bring great synergies for both online and brick and mortar channels for the Calligaris brand in the US.”

Cerno - Bret Englander

"As a small business owner and the Director of Sales and Marketing, it was scary to give up control of a key part of our business. But with BrandJump, it was definitely the right decision. BrandJump takes the time to really get to know what your vision is for your company and they work with you to drive it. I view their team as an invaluable extension of ours.

Too often, small businesses get bogged down by all of the back-end work associated with adequately supporting their internet retailers. BrandJump took the majority of this work off of our plate so we could focus on driving our business. Most importantly, BrandJump’s team is comprised of a great group of people and its been nice to be able to collaborate with their knowledge base."

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Varaluz - Maureen Breitzmann

"Working with BrandJump is the single most important strategy we have implemented to succeed in the online space.  They have a highly-skilled team that executes every essential stage of the ecommerce process from account vetting to data management to marketing plans.  No matter how competent you believe your internal team to be, there is simply no way for them to compete with the honed expertise of BrandJump."

Marset - Joan Miro

"Our relationship with BrandJump dates back to the inception of Marset USA.  In making the transition from selling our products through a distributor to having a direct presence in the states, we knew that success within the ecommerce channel was a crucial component to our strategy – not only in terms of driving volume – but more importantly in terms of our brand awareness. This was a critical time for us.

Our first successfully implemented initiative with BrandJump was revamping our online presence and transitioning our products from the distributor’s name to the Marset brand name on each internet retailer’s website.  BrandJump was able to take the lead and tell us exactly what we needed to make this happen as quickly as possible.

BrandJump is goal oriented and truly delivers.  Both our awareness in the channel as well as our volume have increased at a healthy rate year over year and they do a nice job translating our vision and our internal branding strategy through the ecommerce channel."

Terzani ecommerce


"The decision to hire BrandJump, while a sensitive one, was a decision that was extremely beneficial to our company.  Working with their team gives us peace of mind in a critical segment of our business. They take care of everything related to our ecommerce needs: from ensuring our data and imagery is accurate on each of our customer’s websites, to helping to tell our story in the space, to developing creative marketing initiatives.

With BrandJump, you don’t have to worry about hiring several different professionals to achieve success in the channel. Equally important is that the BrandJump team is personable, responsive and always on top of our collaboratively created initiatives. Their team has definitely reinforced our presence in this crucial channel and I would recommend them without hesitation."


"Three years into our ecommerce experience I had come to an inescapable conclusion – that our sales and support efforts, to date, were insufficient to realize the channel’s full potential. From rigorous data management and content creation to online marketing initiatives, the requirements of an effective ecommerce sales apparatus are unique to the channel and were not being met by our traditional wholesale distribution model.

Prior to my first meeting with BrandJump, I had compiled a mental list of what I considered to be deficiencies in how we handled our ecommerce distribution. The list was daunting and I had no idea where to begin.  What a relief it was to learn that BrandJump does everything on my list, and more. One year later, I’m thrilled with the collaboration. Their professionalism is impeccable and I’m looking forward to continue growing the channel together."

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