Core Values

Our core values are the cultural fiber of our company – they define our business strategy, our engagement with our clients and customers and our interaction with each other.

Driven by design, committed to the Evolution of ecommerce

Inspired by great design and ambitious to discover what’s next in the online space
Innovation excites us and the status quo bores us

Create synergy between the brand and the retailer

Approach every situation as if you were The Brand
Approach every situation as if you were The Retailer
Have a can-do attitude, a high sense of urgency, and always act with impeccable integrity

Cultivate a Team Spirit

Empower, support and listen to each other
Collaborate and constantly express gratitude
Use “we” or “our” instead of “I” or “my”. We are not ego driven.
Take pride in the team accomplishments as if they are our own

Balance Creativity, Analytics and Risk

Take calculated and thoughtful risk, because it’s the only way to evolve in such a dynamic space
Be comfortable failing, but not without understanding the lesson

Think big, be optimistic

Be good people and always do what we say we’re going to do
Strive for improvement – for our clients – for our retailers – for ourselves
Work hard, but seek balance in life. Have fun.
Smile, the best is yet to come